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MILITARY & VETERAN DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. WE SUPPORT OUR US TROOPS AND THEIR BRAVE FAMILIES (SPOUSES, PARENTS, SISTERS AND BROTHERS) WE EXTEND THESE DISCOUNTS TO State and Municipal Law Enforcement and Correctional Officers as well. We also give discounts to firefighters and V.A. Medical Staff, and EMTs. To all those who go that extra mile so unselfishly and often heroically.
People are always asking what the difference is between a Ragdoll and a RagaMuffin. They have been two different breeds for over 20 years! Ragamuffins are bigger, have more rabbit-like coat, and they are not color restricted for coat or eyes. They are not prone to HCM (heart disease). Temperaments are very similar to Ragdolls - sweet and floppy. The look is very different than a Ragdoll: RagaMuffins have walnut shaped eyes that are more round than Ragdolls have. They have a shorter, wider muzzle and fat whisker pads which gives them a forever kitteny look. They should have smaller ears than Ragdolls. The RagaMuffin "scoop" over the nose is a hallmark of the breed. These are low maintenance, matt resistant cats! Like Ragdolls, they are highly intelligent and can learn to retrieve, come on command and sit on command. They usually love dogs and children! Most kittens can be "exit proofed" so that they will not go outdoors if someone leaves a door ajar. RagaMuffins are generally more expensive than Ragdolls, and are more difficult to purchase as there is a high demand for this breed, and unfortunately there are very few  breeders of purebred RagaMuffins. RagaMuffins are not suitable for a home that has indoor/outdoor cats in residence. They would be exposed to a large variety of parasites and fungus brought into the home by outdoor cats.

Price  (call for price and deposit information) includes shipping charges within the United States/health certificate/new crate & pad/ all airport taxes/ required shots. The 24 month unconditional health warranty does not cover veterinarian expenses or shipping of replacement kittens. The kittens come with CFA  registration slips and micro chip registration form. Copies of both parents' DNA Profiles and pedigrees, and a Certified Birth Certificate are also included. The cost to register a CFA kitten is $14.00 and lifetime registration of the AVID micro chip is $19.95. The chip is already implanted between the shoulder blades of each Keepsake kitten.