KEEPSAKE KATS was established in 2002 by Sylvia Smart - this is a small stand-alone cattery. We breed and sell healthy, affordable, and sweet kittens and adult cats as we retire them from breeding. Our goal is to maintain and preserve the ORIGINAL RAGAMUFFIN CHARACTER AND PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES. We provide specialized information and practical tips for our adopters regarding care, breeding, training, and grooming information. 

OUR BREEDING CATS ARE ALL INDIVIDUALLY DNA TESTED AND DO NOT CARRY THE HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) GENE. ANY CAT WHO WOULD TEST POSITIVE - WOULD NEVER BE BRED AT THIS CATTERY AND WOULD NOT BE SOLD AS A PET EITHER.  We do not outcross our RagaMuffins to other breeds whether approved or not, by cat registries because we rely on the DNA markers available for RagaMuffins and Ragdolls to safeguard the genetic superiority of our kittens. Our focus is on the temperament and health of our cats - we never exclude a cat from our breeding lines for color considerations. This allows us to maintain the original conformation to the breed standard of RagaMuffins. 

Jamilla of Keepsake.

Date:  09/24/22

As of today we do not have any available kittens for sale. But we are expecting a litter by the middle of October. Mother is Panache, Red McTabbie and White.  Sire is Keepsake's Maga Freedom Patriot, a Sable Classic Tabbie and White. 

Contact us by email or text ( or 480 650-4638 for more information after the 20th of October, 2022. 

We may also be having a second litter due at the end of October or first week in November.  Sire is Ragamania's Suleiman of Keepsake, Red Point with Blue eyes and White mitts and boots, and mother is Keepsake's Starkeeper Shahania - Sable and White bi-color with green eyes. The kitten to the left of this text is a product of this same pairing last year.