Suleiman is retiring from breeding, He is replaced with his son, Keepsake's MAGA FREEDOM PATRIOT
Color Me Kalidiscope
Jerusalem of Keepsake
The photo to the right is of Keepsake's MAGA Freedom Patriot. He is the son of Ragamania's Suleiman of Keepsake and Keepsake's Jerusalem Celebration. He has produced three beautiful litters of RagaMuffin babies.  He is a big, teddy bear cat, who helps the Mom's raise their kittens. He is affectionally referred to as:  The Panini Maker because of how he makes kittens.

His kittens have plush coats, excellent conformation to the breed standard and almost always have green eyes. The girls are usually Tortie Points or Patched Tabbies, and the boys are Shaded Natural Minks or Creams. We may get some Tuxedos if we are lucky. Next litter due in mid February 2023.  480 650-4638
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