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I have moved to Tucson, Arizona.  I am happy to be in a city with great diversity and many opportunities to engage in social and educational activities.  

It has been a difficult and long transition as I sold my house in Queen Creek, and made this giant leap of faith that I would land on my feet. 

I tried Sierra Vista AZ, by the Mexican border, for about 10 months, but found it to be unsuitable for me.  Thankfully, I am doing OK here and I hope it works out for a longer period. I am tired of picking up and moving. God has watched over me and provided for me, and hopefully will allow me to have a more stable place to live during my senior years.

My recent litter of Blue Mink and Blue Point kittens, and one Black and White bi-color is selling well.  I have found wonderful homes for all but two of them. I want everyone who wants a RagaMuffin to be able to afford one. They will change your life! I still have a Blue Point and White female, and I just got a cancellation on the Black and White bi-color male. I have a nonrefundable deposit on the male which would pass on to a new buyer.