We are a full-service cattery.  Specializing in breeding and selling a small number of high quality purebred RagaMuffin cats. Keepsake Kats is registered with ACFA and CFA registries. Our cats are DNA profiled and are not carriers of HCM 
   RagaMuffin cats were originally developed in the early 1960’s in Riverside, California.   The distinguishing characteristics of these breeds were their exceptionally docile, sweet temperament, large size, “mushiness” and easy care coats.   They should not be confused with the smaller sized Ragdoll breed which was also developed by Ann Baker within the “Cherubim” group, and share some common ancestry with RagaMuffins. Today’s RagaMuffins are distinctly different than the Ragdolls.
RagaMuffin cats possess a sweet, outgoing and friendly temperament.  They love humans, and prefer a tummy rub to a snack.  These characteristics make them excellent companions for children and the elderly. 
   Their coats are described as “rabbit-fur” and are mat resistant.  They shed about half as much as a typical long haired cat.  With a once-a-week brushing, nail trim and wipe off, you will have a beautiful, low maintenance pet.  RagaMuffins rarely extend their claws, and are quite happy to use a cardboard or sisal scratching post with catnip, instead of furniture!